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NEW! MARSH RADIO VOL.11: Psychowandering

The Lea Valley nature reserve is a crack in the city where nature pushes through the ruins of technological experiments. The ossified spine of a dead aqueduct. Abandoned filter beds.  Beneath the topsoil of the football pitches rubble from the Blitz fizzes in asbestos. All this watched over by moribund pylons facing their own eventual replacement.
This landscape is soundtracked by clattering freight trains, passenger trains, heavy machinery from works units along the Lea Bridge road and bleeping forklifts in the distant warehouse behind New Spitalfields. The sky is scarred with jet trails. Cranes swing over the Olympic stadia.
As you walk here you get a sense of a world that’s getting faster and more rhythmic in its process of birth and decay. This mix sums it up for me…
Psychowandering by Hackneymarshman on Mixcloud

MARSH RADIO VOL.10: Plan 9 from Outer Hackney

This is the story of what happened when the spaceship came to Hackney marsh. An orange beam fell upon the assorted ravers, potheads, international students, homeless wanderers, film-makers, dogwalkers and psychogeographers who were on the marsh that day. Within minutes they were all in the belly of the ship. The aliens approached, slender tentacled bodies clad in lycra and denim, sipping martinis, and jigging to a strangely familiar beat….
To read the full story of Plan 9, and how aliens infiltrated Hackney council in order to turn London’s marshlands into a giant spacecraft landing site, click here:
Plan 9 From Outer Hackney by Hackneymarshman on Mixcloud

MARSH RADIO VOL.9: Escape from Hackney

This first appeared as a guest mix on Jonny Mugwump’s Exotic Pylon radio show []. You can listen to the latest Exotic Pylon shows here
Escape From Hackney was made about a week before the riots in 2011. As flames licked from upturned cars I thought, “This may well be my fault.”

MARSH RADIO VOL.8: Dark Side of the Marsh

The dark side of the marsh isn’t visible to the naked consciousness. You can only see its gravitational effect on light. As you walk your dog on a winter afternoon you might look across at the Olympic Park skyline and see a black fuzziness, as if locusts were suddenly swarming from the stadia.  Sometimes you think you see a cowled shadow flit across the warehouse floodlights behind the River Lea. Other times you hear the pylons hum and pulse as if their wires are being plucked by an invisible hand.
Beware. That’s the denizens of the dark messing with you.
But if you dare to sit at dusk beneath the railway lines and let your eyelids droop, you’ll soon hear them begin to play their dub through old pipes, drains and electricity cable. And this is what it sounds like.

MARSH RADIO VOL.7: Marshisch Party!

Download version:
They smoke it everywhere on the marshes. You see them in their golden hoods, leading emperor penguins through the grass behind the reservoirs. Trails of blue incense trail behind them. Their endless caravan is fuelled by a secret herb found only beneath the silt of the old River Lea. It must be smoked in a dock leaf, and never beyond the boundaries of the ancient lammas lands.
It’s name?
Please visit the mixcloud page for full tracklisting.

MARSH RADIO VOL.6: The Abominable Marshman

Every day I wander the Lea Valley with Hendrix padding behind me, looking for dead bodies. I poke my nose through railings. I drop into bolt holes littered with vodka bottles and withered condoms. I examine railway sidings and ponds. The signs of violent struggle are everywhere. A woman’s shoe. A pair of spectacles. A torn shirt hanging from a branch.
Down in the rave hole twists of frayed rope are tied to tree trunks. Leathery strangle tubes snake over plastic bags stained with lipstick and teeth marks.
What beast lurks here at night? What kind of monster prowls Hackney’s Edgelands…?
Abominable Marshman
by Hackneymarshman
Track listing:
Sympathy For The Devil - Rasputin
Night Of The Vampire – The Moontrekkers
Night Of The Phantom - Larry The Blue Notes
I Was A Teenage Werewolf – The Cramps
I’m a Mummy -  The Fall
Jack The Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savage
The Witch - The Sonics
Confession – Lubos Fiser
Hello Mr Hitchcock – The Vampires of Dartmoor
Mummies Curse  - Satan and his Disciples
Suite Three – Squealing Pig
Swinscoe Episode 2: ‘Release The Birds’ – The Advisory Circle
Release the Bats – The Birthday Party
Die Foterkammer des Dr. Sex – The Vampires of Dartmoor
A Seancing Song -  Broadcast & The Focus Group
The Witch – The Rattles
A Clear Yarn Warning – The Advisory Circle
Psycho Feeling - CAM Stati d’Animo
Death’s Not Your Friend – Wooden Shjips
Of All The Summer Murders  – Cold Cave
Halloween Main Theme  - Zombie Zombie
Just Another Victim  – Monkey Farm Frankenstein
Thoughts Of A Modern Ghost – Moon Wiring Club
Sympathy For The Devil - Laibach

MARSH RADIO VOL.5: Marsh Dub Assault

They came to the marshes after dusk. The experimental composer and his cabal of scientists. They heaved a trailer packed with speakers, instruments and record decks. On Coppermill Fields they began their assault: firing sonic missiles of dub, techno and disco deep into the Lea Valley. As the music bounced off pylons, railway bridges and water towers, bald men in white coats recorded the time-lags, phases and echoes. In 75 minutes they’d created a sonic map of Walthamstow marsh and its environs.
This is what it sounded like…
Marsh Dub Assault by Hackneymarshman on Mixcloud
Track Listing:
Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting in a Room (excerpt)
Nicolas Salomon – Zoom
Ekoplekz – CONTRAILS
Scientist vs. Armour – The Long Way Dub
Ensemble Economique – Red for the Sun
Demdike Stare – Regolith
Basic Channel – Q-Loop
Miles – Primer
Dubkasm – From the Foundation (Pinch Remix)
Anodyne – When the Sky Fell Down
Mark Ernestus vs. Konono No. 1 – Masikulu Dub
Four Tet – Wing Body Wing
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswold – Movement 4
Black Devil Disco Club – An Other Skin (Dub)
HEALTH – Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S remix)
DJ Diamond – Freakazoid
Mordant Music – We are the Mean
The Haxan Cloak – Parting Chant
The Field – Is This Power?
Master Musicians of Bukkake – Reign of Quanity & The Signs of the Times

MARSH RADIO VOL.4: Psychedelic Disco Down in the Rave Hole

It was early, maybe 6am. I couldn’t tell. Delirious after eating tainted cheese, I was on a mission to find an all-night party at the Rave Hole. At first I thought I was out of luck. A burnt out fire and fag butts, but no other signs of life. I ambled down the slope and into the trees. That’s when I saw him – a fox. He looked shifty in his shades and trilby. I followed him through a narrow thicket, a trail I’d never seen before. I could hear frenzied chatter. We came out into a clearing bustling with wild beasts – herons, cormorants, badgers, parakeets, rabbits, a bear, a crocodile and even a sabre tooth tiger.  They stopped their talking and turned to look at us.
The fox doffed his hat to the crowd and leapt behind a turntable. This is what happened next…
Track Listing:
Oneohtrix Point Never – Emil Cioran
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – Rothaus
Moscow – Deep Heat
M – Pop Musik (Todd Terje remix)
Can – I Want More
Diskjokke – 1987
Fingerprintz – Wet Job
Daniele Baldelli – Sharmila
Michael Bundt – The Brain of Oskar Panizza (Pilooski Edit)
Pom Pom – Untitled
Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow
Emeralds – Does it Look Like I’m Here
Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Plugged In
Gold Blood – Don’t Waste My Time
Plastique De Reve – Resist
Factory Floor – Wooden Box

MARSH RADIO VOL.3: Marsh Macabre

They found the satchel under the bridge behind Walthamstow Marsh. Inside was a noose, an empty bottle of absinthe and an old VHS tape. The images were almost ruined by time. But you could make out a group of people in the murk. One dressed as a monk. Another as a cormorant. A Victorian gentleman in boating gear rested by the banquet table. A couple of Rastas bobbed nearby, smoking. A hooded figure appeared to be sucking electricty from a pylon through a metal tube. Then the dancing and music began….
Cleaned up and digitised by the greatest audio engineers Britain has ever produced – this is what the audio on the tape sounds like:
Track Listing:
Inn Ohm the Lake – Mordant Music
Hashshashin Chant – Demdike Stare
Owitharn – O.S.T / Etre – Nicolas Jaar
Hackney Marshes – Shackleton
Test Pattern 0011 – Ryoji Ikeda / Malign Energies – Jon Brooks
Kingstep – Horsepower Productions
Squeeky Bagpipe – Bugskull
Shutdown – Monolake
Analclaire – Plapa Pinky
The Victorian Butter Boat – Moon Wiring Club
A1 – Sun Araw & MatthewDavid
Eyeballs – Oneohtrix Point Never
Thousand Year Egg – Simian Mobile Disco
Lake of Roaches – Wolf Eyes
Eyes Which Are Swelling  – Advisory Circle
Forward Youth – RSD
Test Pattern 1111 - Ryoji Ikeda / Fol3 – Autechre
Cosmos II – Murcof

MARSH RADIO VOL.2: Hackneydelic Dance Party!

He leaves the house party as the sun comes up and heads to the Lea Canal, alone. He sits on a bench outside the Princess of Wales pub. Bedraggled. Ashen faced. Wearing a skull t-shirt and a stranger’s trilby. He can’t remember much about her face. Fishing in his pocket for fags he finds something. It can’t be…. didn’t he finish those earlier? Ah well. No time like the present.
He tosses it into his mouth. Half an hour later he’s on his feet.
The night before comes rushing to meet him…
Xerox Soma – Alva Noto
Is this Sorrow – Black Devil Disco Club
Over Here – Shackleton & Applebim
Lost – Xaver Naudascher
Riot on Planet 10 – Strangelet
The Legacy – Andrew Weatherall
Cauchy Horizon – Acid Casuals
Baby Wants to Bleep – Micronauts
21st Century Planet Smashers (excerpt) – Disrupt
Baby Wants to Rock – Micronauts
Dragonballs – Betty Botox
The More that I do – The Field
Right Road to Dubland – Surgeon
La Rock – Vitalic

MARSH RADIO VOL.1 A mixtape by The Marshman

It’s an ordinary day in the Lea Valley. Cows graze. Pylons hum. The marshman walks his dog and worries about his family life. But something is wrong. Something is leaking from the earth. Unfamiliar electricity crackles through the marshes, bringing ghosts to life. And what is it with these strange birds?
Track Listing:
Ghost Radio – Moon Wiring Club
The Hidden Door – Belbury Poly
Farmland, Freeland – The Advisory Circle
She’s Gone (Oneohtrix Point Never remix) – Gonjasufi
Frozen Ponds – The Advisory Circle
Strange Walking Man – Mandrake Paddle Steamer
How Do You Get Along, Sir? – Broadcast & The Focus Group
What A Day – Throbbing Gristle
All Hallows Eve – Demdike Stare
Shattering Journeys (feat. Computer Jay) – Gaslamp Killer
Foundation Bit – Disrupt
Futureproofing – Actress
Marshen Signals – Paul White
Wellen und Felder I – Atom TM
Time Scale – Belbury Poly
Track Two – Pom Pom
Xerrox Teion – Alva Noto
E2e4 Basic Reshape – Basic Channel
Shortwave – Shackleton
Wellen und Felder I – Atom TM
Ghost Hardware – Burial
Varde – Elegi
The Shortwave League – Moon Wiring Club
A Year in a Minute – Christian Fennesz
Strange Birds – Coil

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